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Luxury Projects Across the GTA

With Marotta at the helm, Solmar’s project portfolio has grown to include many of the most sophisticated luxury homes and communities throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

These include:

2001: Maplewood Park. This project includes inspired detached homes & townhomes in the Maple, Ontario, community.

2005: Bellaria Residences. Upon completion, Bellaria Residences became the first high-rise towers to adorn the Vaughan, Ontario, landscape.

2012: Parkview Heights Residence. Parkview Heights remains a top residential community in Bradford, Ontario.

2014: Cannery Park. The Cannery Park single-family-homes development offers luxury living in the heart of Niagara-on-the-Lake.

2014: Park Avenue Place. These high-rise Vaughan, Ontario, towers continue to emanate the quality and elegance people have come to expect from the Solmar team.

2017: Edge Towers. Setting a new standard in elegant living, the high-rise EdgeTower developments in downtown Mississauga promise residents an unparalleled luxury living experience.

2018: The Windsor. Located in Niagara-on-the-Lake, The Windsor features luxurious townhome residences representing the pinnacle in high-end home living.

Benny Marotta and Solmar continue to plan, design, develop, and build beautiful, high-end properties across the GTA landscape, pursuing the achievement of excellence in every business park, industrial park, commercial development, condo community, grand estate manor, single-detached home, and luxury high-rise property project in their portfolio.

What Sets Solmar Apart?

Luxury developments by Benny Marotta and the Solmar team are distinguished by a focused attention to detail, sophisticated designs, and a timeless elegance unmatched in the GTA development industry.

Solmar is widely recognized for their industry-leading expertise in every aspect of building and development. The experienced, highly-skilled professionals at Solmar utilize decades of insight and knowledge to ensure each development is planned and completed on time, on budget, and up to the highest standards in the industry. And as each project is underway, Solmar takes great care to prioritize elegance, aesthetics, sophistication, and quality from start to finish.

The Solmar Decor Studio

For Benny Marotta and his team, every project begins at the Solmar Decor Studio, where each client’s vision for their new home interior takes shape and transforms into reality. The Solmar Decor Studio offers an array of elegant vignettes and a wide range of materials and finishes to choose from, each carefully chosen by Solmar’s interior design experts based on the best in durability, quality, and the latest in design trends.

Solmar Design Consultants guide each new client through the process and provide recommendations to make sure every new home meets their unique needs. The style and look of every Solmar home begins with the client’s vision and results in an unparalleled experience.

To learn more about Benny Marotta and how Solmar strives to create communities for a brighter tomorrow, visit Solmar online or call (905) 660-9222.

Commercial developments

Condominium communities

Grand estate manor homes

Classic single detached homes

Luxury high-rise condominiums

Benny Marotta is proud of his legacy at Solmar Development. He enthusiastically explains, “We bring our forward-thinking vision to every project. It’s a vision that is distinguished by timeless elegance, sophisticated interior designs, and meticulous attention to detail.”

Benny Marotta Solmar’s development portfolio

Under Benny Marotta’s direct guidance since 1991, Solmar Development has evolved to become one of the GTA’s most respected land development and general contracting firms. Solmar’s diverse portfolio includes various large-scale, high-end developments, including:

2001: Maplewood Park (Detached Homes & Townhomes in Maple, Ontario)

2005: Bellaria Residences (The first high-rise towers in Vaughan, Ontario)

2012: Parkview Heights Residence (Residential community in Bradford, Ontario)

2014: Cannery Park (A development of single-family homes in Niagara-on-the-Lake)

2014: Park Avenue Place (High-rise towers in Vaughan, Ontario)

2017: Edge Towers (High-rise developments in downtown Mississauga)

2018: The Windsor (Luxury townhome residences in Niagara-on-the-Lake)

Every team member at Solmar remains committed to the company’s core values of Integrity, Passion, Quality, and Leadership. They are geared toward developing new and exciting communities across the GTA to help forge a brighter tomorrow.

Benny Marotta’s commitment to charity

Benny Marotta and his family continue to give back to the GTA in appreciation for the success they have experienced. Although Benny remains very low-key about his donations, he continues to generously support organizations and causes including:


Vaughan Hospice

Art Gallery of Ontario

Humber River Hospital

In 2018, Benny Marotta’s family donated $1 Million to Niagara College’s Achieving Dreams Campaign, which offers learning resources & equipment, bursaries, scholarships, study/work abroad opportunities, leadership development opportunities, and other benefits for students.

The Marotta family are proud members of the Niagara-on-the-Lake community, and they actively try to create a more prosperous future for upcoming generations.

Benny Marotta states, “Giving back to the NOTL community, and the GTA community at large, is very important to me, my wife, and my daughters. We have been blessed and truly want others to be successful too.”

How Benny Marotta Solmar envisions the future

Drive, focus, and action are integral components of Benny Marotta’s makeup. He believes in the importance of recognizing, rewarding and developing youthful innovation.

He explains, “As I said before, we believe in young innovation. Niagara College is a place where a lot of young talented students are graduating and entering into the workforce with various skills. We need to support the College so it can continue to provide students with the tools they need to succeed in their chosen fields and careers.”

Benny Marotta Solmar passionately believes that everyone in a community should do their part to ensure that every young person has the chance to fulfill their dreams.

He emphasizes, ”When young people grow up in environments that reward their unique talents, they are more likely to live happy, prosperous lives, which in turn creates a better society in general.”

After decades in the construction and land development industries, Benny Marotta has seen a lot. “I still remember those pickpockets in the streets of Naples like it was yesterday.”, he says. “They weren’t bad kids. They were poor, hungry, desperate children trying to help their parents survive day-to-day. I don’t want that for any child today.”


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